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Current Election System in the USA
There are several problems with the antiquated methods of running elections in the United States of America.   It is embarassing to think of our country touting itself as the beacon of democracy when in reality it is one of the most undemocratic systems in existence. 
One big problem is that, in many states and localities, candidates must qualify for the ballot many months before the election is held.  This practice excludes most people who might otherwise run for public office from participating more directly in the representative process.  For more detailed information, subscribe to Ballot Access News and monitor its website at
Another problem is well known, the powerful influence of big money in American elections.  This website does not directly address that, as there is undue attention focussed on that matter with virtually none given to voting systems and methods of counting votes and allocating legislative seats.  However, let it be said that the typical response to the influence of big money in elections is to advocate that public monies be handed over to candidates.  We oppose that approach in favor of providing voter information services by giving broadcast time and other communication avenues to parties, slates and candidates, rather than money to emblazon candidate names on signs, ballpoint pens and oven mitts.  Public money should only be spent to enhance knowledge of the electorate in making an informed decision at the polls. 
There are plenty more problems being addressed by numerous civic groups, such as laws that restrict voter participation, including obstacles to voter registration, expensive requirements for photo IDs that violate the constitutional amendment banning poll taxes, limitations on access to absentee ballots, holding elections on workdays, and much more.  But the biggest problems are going virtually unaddressed: absence of majority rule for electing single seat public offices, and warping of legislative election results by denying the electorate proportional representation. 
Let's have a look at the major structural difficulties with the current systems of elections used in the United States of America:
Plurality Rule &
Costly Runoffs
Safe Seats &
 Wasted Votes
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