The Initiative Process
To make changes to the American election process we firstly need to use the Initiative Process and get PR and IRV on the ballot.  Let the people decide how to elect our government officials.
The Initiative Process is available in the following States:
Alaska  -  Arizona  -  Arkansas  -  California  -  Colorado  -  Idaho  -  Illinois  -  Florida  -  Maine  -  Massachusetts  -  Michigan  -  Mississippi  -  Missouri  -  Montana  -  Nebraska  -  Nevada  -  North Dakota  -  Oklahoma  -  Ohio  -  Oregon  -  South Dakota  -  Utah  -  Washington  -  Wyoming.
If you live in any of these States and would like to see a change in our election process you can volunteer to help gather signatures to get PR and IRV on the ballot.  You can also donate to help with the cost of education and promotion of PR and IRV.
Wherever you live, you can help with educational and outreach work.  Form a study group in your area and decide together what actions to take next. 
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